This article will be dedicated to designing a program based on Building the Gymnastic Body by coach Sommer.

Part I FSP

The first part of your workout will be the FSP(Choose your own warmup). Select the FSPs that you want to do, if you are a beginner, I suggest choosing these 4: the L-sit, planche, back lever, and of course front lever. You do not have to do these, but they are good for all around conditioning. Once you have selected which FSPs you will do (these are found in the book Building the Gym bar), you will test your max holds. Find a progression for each FSP that you can hold for at least 5 seconds. For each position, hold it for as long as you can. Cut this time in half, and this will be your working time. Do cycles of this working time and then rest until you have done a total of 60 seconds for each FSP. You will do these for every workout.


The second part of your workout will be made up of the fundamental body exercises. Choose what exercise groups you will be doing, i.e. legs, core, pushing, pulling etc. Once you have done this, pick an exercise from each subsection of these, so for example for pushing you would pick a horizontal, vertical, and inverted pushing exercise. Once you have selected the FBEs you will be doing, follow the instructions for testing your max at the link above for each. Now that you have your exercises and rep ranges, you will begin to put together a workout.

Part III Putting It All Together

Once you have your FSPs and FBEs, you will put them all together. First, decide on your frequency. I suggest every 2 days, every 4 days AT MOST. Each training day will switch to a new part of the body, and you will do all of your FBEs for that group that day. You do ALL your FSPs each training day. For beginners, just do 3 sets for each FBE.

So, here’s an example. You want to train  every 2 days. You will train the planche and front lever. You try these and find your max is 10 seconds on the tuck front lever and tuck planche. So you will do 12 cycles of 5 seconds for both. For your FBEs, you are training pushing, pulling, and core. For pushing, your FBEs are XR pushups, XR dips, and HeSPUs. You find that you can do 5 XR pushups and XRdips, and 4 HeSPUs. So your workout schedule would look like this.

Day 1(Pushing)

warmup Gym bar of your choice

12×5 second tuck planche

12×5 second tuck front lever

3 sets of

5 XR pushups

5 XR dips


Day 2 rest

Day 3 (Pulling)




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