If you work for or own your own non-profit organization, fundraising is the most important part of the job. Without the help of donations from various community groups, businesses, and individuals, your organization would not be a very affective fundraising source for the cause that you represent. Whether you are raising money for breast cancer research, HIV/AIDS education, animal rights, or any other worthy cause, raising money is a design lanyard daunting task, but very worthwhile and rewarding.

Most organizations try very hard to be creative  in their fundraising efforts. Some have annual benefit dinner dances. Others recruit local businesses to sell paper signs for one dollar each, which get hung up in the stores and showcase the names of people who donated money. Organizations that raise funds for cancer are most known for holding cause walks that bring together the community.

A unique fundraising idea would be to sell lanyards and badge holders. With prior permission a promising fundraiser would be to sell lanyards and badge holders to employees at hospitals, business offices, schools, factories, retail stores, and other places of work that require employees to wear their employee ID cards. Nurses, doctors, teachers, vet technicians, and retail sales associates are just some of the people who would probably be interested in participating in this fundraiser.

Most businesses, especially national corporate businesses, require non-profit organizations to put their fundraising intentions in writing. Then, they give permission to their local stores and offices to participate in fundraising events. If you want to be able to solicit to businesses in your area, you might have to be granted permission. However, most businesses do not hesitate to take part in charities and do not turn down requests.

Once permission is granted, you are free to promote the sale of the design lanyard  and badge holders. When choosing the kind of lanyard design you want to sell, think about the material you want used for the lanyard. Would you want your organization name or logo on the lanyard? Do you want the lanyard to be color specific to your cause, such as pink for breast cancer awareness? There are different options and decisions to make. You could sell a beaded lanyard and a lanyard made of either nylon or polyester. A beaded lanyard would attract women who would want to use a fashionable lanyard while they are working. Nylon or polyester lanyards would probably be better for men and for workers who must adhere to strict dress code guidelines that would probably not allow for colorful lanyards in the workplace.

Permission may be given to have a table in a common area of a hospital, business office, school, or wherever you are targeting sales. You could also send out flyers to promote the fundraiser. On the flyer, include photographs and prices of the lanyards. Provide information of where they could send their monetary donation, and explain how the lanyards will be shipped or personally delivered to them. Set a certain time period, such as one week or one month, to sell the lanyards.



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